Bid Round 2015                                                Bid Round 2015                                                Bid Round 2015

GPC Chairman's Message

It is my pleasure to present my sincere congratulations and wishes with the advent of the New Year. I also seize the opportunity to congratulate our staff on the launching of the fresh version of GPC website. It is worth mentioning that GPC is the first national petroluem company working in the fields of oil and gas exploration, production and development.

We look forward to concluding Exploration and Production Service Agreements (ESA & PSA) with global companies with the objective of increasing investments, enhancing production and adding new reserves. In addition, we aspire to acquire new leases and set up joint ventures with oil sector sister companies. All GPC operations and activities are undertaken in accordance with HSE regulations and legislation.

Meantime, GPC has a vital role to play for the community. As a state-owned company, we contribute for the treasury of the country, to be exploited in national projects for the welfare of the Egyptian people.

Best Regards,

Eng.Mohamed Abdel Fattah Hamed