General Petroleum Company (GPC) was established in 1957 under the Republican Decree No. 730 with a capital of one million Egyptian pounds to undertake upstream and downstream activities. GPC is the first national oil company in Egypt, Middle East and Africa. Throughout 60 years of activities, 28 oil and gas producing fields in the Eastern Desert, Gulf of Suez, Sinai and Western Desert have been discovered.


1960 : GPC production of crude oil launched at rate of 4395 barrels/day.
1960 :First local shipment of oil transferred to Suez Refineries.
1961 : First oil shipment exported.
1964 : Hurghada, RasGharib, Sudr, Asl and Matarma Fields joined to GPC.
1965 : Amer Field discovered.
1966 : Shukheir Field discovered.
1968 : Om El-Yussr Field discovered.
1969 : Ayun Field discovered.
1969 : Technical Cooperation Agreement signed in field of petroleum between Egypt and Russia.


1973 : Kheir Field discovered.
1975 : Sinai Oilfields restored after 6 October War 1973.


1980 : El khalij Field discovered.
1980 : Production from (T) Area in Western Desert launched.
1981 :Production from (Y) Area in Western Desert launched.
1982 : Production fromRas El Bahar Field in Eastern Desert launched
1983 : Gas injection operations in Gharib Field launched.
1985 : SWS Field in Western Desert discovered.
1985: Esh-Elmallaha in Eastern Desert Field joined to GPC. Production from (T) Area in Western Desert launched
1986 : Production Sharing Agreement in Ras El Bahar Field signed with SUCO.
1986 : North Amer Offshore joined to GPC.
1989 : Issaran Field granted to GPC.


1990 : Gas injection operations in Bakr/Amer Field in Eastern Desert launched.
1990 : Condensate Separation Plant in Western Desert operated
1995 : Sea Water Desalination Plant established &Fresh waterproduced with capacity of 5000 mآ³ day.
1996 : Issaran 9 in Eastern Desert drilled as first horizontal well.
1998 : Petroleum Service Agreement signed with Scimitar for heavy oil development in Issaran Field.


2001 : Steam injection experiment undertaken within Petroleum Service Agreement for development of Issaran Field, Commercial development of Issaran Field heavy oil Project declared.
2002 : Exploration and Production Service Agreement with Geopetrol Signed.
2004 : Al-Hamd Offshore Field discovered.
2005 : Exploration and Production Service Agreement signed with Australian Oil Search Company that purchased Geopetrol.
2007 : Wells discovered in Alam Elshaweesh Area in west of WesternDesert started production.
2008 : Exploration and Production Service Agreement signed with Kuwait Energy Company after buying Australian Oil Search Company.
2009 : North West Shukheir Field discovered.


2010 : El-Nubia Reservoir in Amer Field discovered.
2011 : Meseda Field discovered in Eastern Desert.
2011 : South Sennan Field discovered in Western Desert.
2012 : HF Field discovered in Western Desert.
2013 : Lower Baharia Reservoir discovered in South Sennan Field in WesternDesert.
2014 : HH Block in North Amer Field discovered in Gulf of Suez.
2015: Basement Reservoir discovered in Bakr field in Eastern Desert  & Belayium and Rudis Reservoirs discovered in Esh-Mellaha field in Eastern Desert.
2016: HH 8315A & GG-8313A Wells discovered in N.Amer field in Gulf of Suez . & NES field discovered in Western Desert. & Nubia Reservoir discovered in Behar NW field in Eastern Desert .
2017 : S.E.Al-Hamd field discovered in Gulf of Suez.