GPC Sustainability

    • As a state-owned E&P petroleum company, GPC set an optimistic plan to boost oil and gas production to overcome depletion rate and add proven reserves.
    • GPC has been a pioneer in the application of most recent technologies as for the production of its old oilfields. Gas injection technology was applied to the earliest producing fields (Ras Gharib, Bakr and Amer).
    • Enhanced Recovery techniques are also applied to heavy oil production through steam injection, using half and buff methods. In addition, a new technique is used to produce oil from low permeable reservoirs, which is still under evaluation.
    • The concession areas in the Gulf of Suez, North Western Desert (Abu Sennan) and Sinai are subject to intensive geophysical studies to generate and evaluate new prospects. Our technical staff are keen on testing hydrocarbon potentialities of deeper horizons. They have achieved the aspired goals in Amer Oilfield by adding proven reserves and setting the Nubia sandstone on production stream.
  • The real sustainability success is represented in a long-term activity plan aiming to achievement of further discoveries in new finds and out wells to turn possible and probable reserves into proven reserves.


    • A Production Unitization Agreement was signed with SUCO in the Fields of Behar / Zeit Bay . According to the agreement, GPC obtains 11% of the total production of the joint area, which hit 8.915 MM BBL as of the enforcement of this agreement till 30/6/2014.
  • GPC has conducted several integrated geological and engineering studies for modernizing the geological description of GPC Producing reservoirs. One of the results of these studies was signing of the production sharing agreement with west Bakr Company, upon which obtained 10% of the H Block Production that reached 3.9 million barrels after west Bakr had drilled 6 wells.

Community Contributions

    • GPC operates its oilfields and their related drilling and production activities in Ras Gharib City. GPC approach of sustainability aims to provide a safe, healthy and environmental business to share with surrounding communities. One of the top responsibilities is to avoid pollution and follow HSE standard regulations. We are planning to minimize gas pollution through modern filters and techniques to replace gas flaring of gathering and treatment stations.
    • Lots of GPC facilities have been serving the community. Supply of electricity and fresh water from Shagar water wells started in 1940 till a fresh water pipeline was installed in 1998 by the Red Sea Governorate to serve Ras Gharib and Hurghada Cities. GPC paved many of Ras Gharib City roads and built accommodation compounds for civil servants till the City Council was established. Three Sports Clubs were set up for the service of GPC staff and Ras Gharib citizens. They include different sports, activities and entertainments.
  • Moreover, GPC has a significant role in the development of education and health in Ras Gharib City. For instance, GPC provides Ras Gharib Secondary Industrial School with instructors, equipment models and curricula support, in addition to training of students at GPC sites in Ras Gharib. GPC built Ras Gharib Hospital for providing the citizens with various medical services.